2019 Countryside Residency

Residency for all creatives. Accommodation (Twin sharing rooms) and studio in rural Buckinghamshire, UK. Fees is 100£ per week for stay and studio. Food, travel and materials extra.Apply with cv, portfolio and proposal to rekhasameer@gmail.com.

2019 Enshrine

For more details see on link below:https://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/exhibitions/#enshrine

“altars and shrines are external representations of interior mysteries memories” I would like to invite artists to respond to the broad sentiment underpinning the theme, 'Enshrine'. The one rule that is imposed on the artists is to ensure that the shrines are portable. The work can be all about the frame i.e the exterior of the shrine or it could be about what is enshrined within.

There is a certain physical space/object that we assign to be our personal psychological shrine. The enshrined place is a space that exists between the past and the present, a temporary suspension of time. The relics within are signifiers of identities and histories of the self. This exhibition will showcase artists who are able to create works that are deeply personal. The works will be installed in a shrine-like environment making the viewers experience an intimate one.

Curated by Rekha Sameer.

Free submission, deadline 17 March 2019. Please read how to apply and email enshrine@fringeartsbath.co.uk.

2019 Castagne Sante

Art residency in the mountains of Valcomino, Italy; 14-27th August.

Please apply to rekhasameer@gmail.com